IRENA Legislators Forum

The IRENA Legislators Forum brings together a growing network of parliamentarians with an interest in accelerating renewable energy uptake. If you are interested in participating in the Legislators Forum or joining our network, please contact us at

The event, held in conjunction with the annual Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), presents a unique opportunity for legislators from all over the world to engage with experts and share best practices on all aspects of the transition to renewable energy.

Forum participants are encouraged to engage with other key stakeholders, including representatives from the private sector. Such engagement aims to boost public-private dialogue, both on opportunities for investment and barriers encountered in fast-growing renewable energy markets.

Along with the various sessions on the agenda, targeted meetings with IRENA experts and other legislators allow for more specific discussions on regional trends, challenges and opportunities.


2020 IRENA Legislators Forum

The 5th IRENA Legislators Forum took place on 10 January 2020 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and discussed the role of engaging communities to accelerate the energy transformation and promoted a fair and just transition. See the background note and the agenda.

Read more about the outcome of the 2020 IRENA Legislators Forum here.

Previous Legislators Forum

2019 Event

10 January 2019 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

In its fourth edition, the IRENA Legislators Forum hosted discussions among 44 members of parliament from 27 countries, who emphasised the key role of renewables in accelerating the energy transformation and in reaching the goal of universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy by 2030 as set by the Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7) in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Discussions focused on the significant role that parliamentarians can play in supporting and monitoring an integrated approach to the implementation of SDG 7 by facilitating partnership and collaboration through inclusive national processes as well as effective and accountable institutions.

Legislators agreed that they are well-placed to enact the important changes that are required in the pursuit and achievement of the energy transformation, and highlighted a number of areas to drive parliamentary engagement in the energy transition with the inclusion of relevant stakeholders from the industry, and public and private sector entities.

Read more about the outcome of the 2019 IRENA Legislators Forum here.

2018 Events

January 2018 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates