Socio economic imact

Socio-economic impact

The potential socio-economic benefits of pursuing a renewables-focused energy transition extend into many areas, offering social progress in the home, in the workplace and in society more widely.

Understanding how the energy transition can generate benefits beyond energy solutions leads to policies able to deliver multiple advantages for society. They include improving energy access, healthcare, gender equity and welfare, and providing wider economic and employment progress.

  • Macroeconomic benefits

    Macroeconomic benefits

    IRENA models its climate-compatible energy transition pathways to 2050 to assess GDP, employment and human welfare impacts, with a global and a regional focus.
  • Energy and jobs

    Energy and jobs

    Status of renewable energy employment, by technology, globally and in selected countries considering broader socio-economic benefits and just transition impacts.
  • Gender


    Building on global surveys of employees, companies and institutions, this activity examines the question of gender equity throughout the renewable energy sector.
  • Local value creation

    Local value creation

    Analysing the materials and services required for typical-sized plants in selected technologies highlights opportunities for countries to create and leverage their industrial capacity.