Accelerating the deployment of renewable energy requires policies that contribute to creating an enabling environment for attracting investments.

Policy analysis

IRENA provides state-of-the-art analysis of enabling policy frameworks, spanning the entire renewable energy development cycle. This includes identifying best practice and trends in policy design and supporting countries in tailoring policies to their specific conditions and objectives.

  • Regional market analysis

    These regional studies encompass broad economic and energy sector trends, as well as renewable energy investment, market and policy developments in each region.
  • Country level analysis

    National and regional analysis

    National and regional analysis of the current renewables policy landscape identifies barriers to and policy recommendations for an inclusive energy transition.
  • Targets & NDCs

    Analysis of the ambition of national renewable energy targets and the renewable energy components of NDCs leads to recommendations on how to design more effective targets and measures.
  • s

    Power system structures & markets

    The world’s existing electricity systems were designed mainly for conventional, centralised power generation. The renewable energy era calls for new design solutions from coherent policy.
  • energy transition

    Policies in a time of transition

    The focus of this analysis is on policies to accelerate the energy transition and to support decarbonisation in end uses, including heating and cooling, and transport.
  • Green hydrogen

    Hydrogen from renewables is key to achieving net zero emissions from heavy industry and transport, and these studies guide policy for successful implementation.
  • Renewable energy for cities

    Focused urban policy analysis to advance the energy transition of cities through scaling-up renewables in power generation, urban transport and buildings.
  • Policies for sustainable bioenergy

    The analytical focus here is on policies for the deployment of bioenergy.
  • Circular economy

    Focus on identifying potential circular economy opportunities through reducing, reusing and recycling principles and includes identifying a holistic policy framework to ensure the sustainable end-of-life management of solar PV.
  • Systemic innovation

    Renewable energy auctions

    Auctions are increasingly being adopted for renewable electricity procurement, calling for sound policy recommendations on how to design them to achieve critical objectives.

Stakeholder engagement

  • Coalition for Action

    Coalition for Action

    Coalition brings together over 120 leading renewable energy players including private sector companies, industry associations, civil society, research institutes and intergovernmental organisations to promote the wider and faster uptake of renewable energy technologies.

Energy access

  • offgrid solar energy

    Off-grid for Energy Access

    Off-grid renewable energy solutions play a crucial role in achieving universal access to modern energy.
  • healthcare


    Health facilities should be a high priority in electrification plans among both national governments and development partners. Off-grid renewables offer rapidly deployable, reliable, cost-effective solutions.