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With 160 Members, IRENA plays a leading role in the energy transformation as a centre of excellence for knowledge and innovation, a global voice for renewables, a network hub and a source of advice and support for countries.





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The new energy age will reshape relations between states and regions bringing "A New World" of power, security, energy independence and prosperity.



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Insights on Renewables

Global installed renewables capacity has experienced a sustained and strong growth over the last few years. Since the start of the decade, it has been increasing steadily at about 8-9% annually, which is more than double the average growth for non-renewables. In 2017 alone, an additional 167 GW of renewable capacity were installed globally. That is enough to power a country the size of Brazil. Increases in wind and solar are particularly remarkable, having expanded by almost three and ten times respectively since 2010. Geographically, Asia experienced the fastest rise in renewables over the last years, now accounting for over 42% of global renewable capacity, followed by Europe and North America.


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