Collaborative Framework on High Shares of Renewables

Countries with high shares of renewables in their energy systems face different challenges in assuring affordable, reliable and secure energy supplies. Collaboration among governments and other key stakeholders can effectively address challenges and find practical solutions while also guiding countries on a similar path.

The Collaborative Framework on “Enhancing Dialogue on High Shares of Renewables in Energy Systems” was established to create a common forum to exchange national experiences and promote technical cooperation among countries and key relevant actors.

The scope of the Collaborative Framework will be addressed in the form of workstreams aiming to:

  • Strengthen energy markets and regulations to facilitate the penetration of renewables and secure stable regulatory frameworks that contribute to long-term investment security;
  • Reinforce energy system planning through effective use of long-term energy scenarios;
  • Optimise operation of energy systems with high penetration of variable renewable energy;
  • Develop cross-sectoral strategies to align renewable energy development in support of other sustainable development goals, such as water, food, and health;
  • Encourage cross-border interconnections to promote cross-border trade of renewable electricity;
  • Advance energy system innovation introducing technical, economic, financial and social solutions for cost-effective integration of renewable energy.

For the year 2021, the three pilot workstreams, proposed by and agreed upon by Members, are (i) energy system planning, (ii) energy system operation and (iii) cross-border interconnections.

Members elected Uruguay and Canada as co-facilitators.

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