Just energy transition

Just & Inclusive Energy Transition

Collaborative Framework on Just & Inclusive Energy Transition


Towards A Shared Understanding and Collective Action to Enable Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions

Responding to calls among IRENA Members during the 11th session of the IRENA Assembly to address more strongly the equity and justice elements of the energy transition, the Collaborative Framework on ‘Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions’ has been established. The framework aims to bring countries and other relevant stakeholders together to identify priority areas and concrete actions and foster international collaboration to understand how to promote and support just and inclusive energy transitions.

The framework leverages IRENA’s significant body of work on this topic including:

  • Energy and jobs

    Energy and jobs

    Status of renewable energy employment, by technology, globally and in selected countries considering broader socio-economic benefits and just transition impacts.
  • Macroeconomic benefits

    Socioeconomic Footprint

    IRENA models its climate-compatible energy transition pathways to 2050 to assess GDP, employment and human welfare impacts, with a global and a regional focus.
  • Local value creation

    Local value creation

    Analysing the materials and services required for typical-sized plants in selected technologies highlights opportunities for countries to create and leverage their industrial capacity.
  • Gender


    Building on global surveys of employees, companies and institutions, this activity examines the question of gender equity throughout the renewable energy sector.
  • offgrid solar energy

    Energy Access

    Off-grid renewable energy solutions play a crucial role in achieving universal access to modern energy.
  • Education and Skills

    IRENA works with educational institutions and member countries to promote increased awareness of the energy transition among youth and broader society.

It also benefits from inputs from the Sustainable Energy Jobs Working Group of the IRENA Coalition for Action.

The framework was recognised in the COP 26 Declaration on Supporting the Conditions for a Just Transition Internationally.

It is currently co-facilitated by the United States Department of State and the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy of Republic of South Africa.

How to engage

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Principles and Modalities

General Principles

Members approved the following, as the Collaborative Framework’s General Guiding Principles:

  • Serve as an inclusive multi-stakeholder platform that brings together public, private, intergovernmental and non-governmental actors that share a common interest in specific aspects of just and inclusive energy transitions.
  • Contribute to strengthening international cooperation and collaborative approaches to address pressing challenges, seize potential opportunities and harness socio-
  • economic benefits of energy transformation driven by renewables.
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices.
  • Foster enabling policy, regulatory, technology and financial frameworks for just and inclusive transitions.

The following modalities were discussed and agreed upon by the Members:

  • Participation
    • Meetings of the Collaborative Frameworks will be open to all IRENA Members and States in Accession, and may involve representatives from the private sector, associations, research communities, IGOs and NGOs, among others, involved in this thematic area of work who will also be invited to participate.
  • The Facilitator/Co-facilitators
    • will be selected from the Membership, will coordinate the deliberations of the collaborative framework and may serve for a period of one/two years.
  • Internal working groups, campaign and initiatives
    • The Collaborative Framework may, as needed, form a group(s) of core members to support in-depth discussions on specific topics of interest.
  • Reporting
    • The Facilitator/Co-Facilitators will normally report to one IRENA Council per year, or more as may be necessary, to inform the Membership on advances made with its workplan.