IRENA now engaged with over 100 Members

11 July 2012| Articles

With the recent membership of Estonia and Egypt, the membership of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has surpassed 100 Members. IRENA is the world’s newest intergovernmental organisation, and the only one whose mandate exclusively deals with renewable energy. The Agency’s membership has rapidly increased since 65 Members took part in the first Assembly in April 2011. IRENA now actively engages with 159 States: 101 Members and 58 States in the process of accession.

The growth in IRENA’s membership is not only a testament to increasing global recognition of the central role renewable energy will play in a sustainable future, but also of the important role of IRENA in realising this future. IRENA was established to promote the widespread and increased adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy. To enable the Agency to achieve this, it operates at the intergovernmental level, and membership is open to all States that are members of the United Nations and to regional intergovernmental economic integration organisations. Its activities also include engagement with international and regional institutions, industry associations, the private sector and the scientific community.

The diversity of IRENA’s membership in terms of geography, and economic, technological and regulatory development, empowers the work of the Agency and enables it to draw from a broad base of experience, resources, and knowledge when assisting Members to develop and deploy renewable energy technologies. IRENA works across the interrelated programme areas of knowledge management, policy advice, capacity building, and technological innovation and cooperation. The membership and engagement with IRENA is a sign of the commitment to transition to a sustainable and secure energy future. IRENA stands ready to assist its Members to realise their renewable energy potential.