Promoting IRENA

19 March 2009| Articles

Side Event at UNFCCC Climate Conference in Poznan

IRENA's Ambassadors-at-large

Swift action has to be taken in order to change current trends in climate change. In addition to energy efficiency, increasing the use of renewable energy will be an essential factor in mitigating climate change. The IRENA Side Event during the COP 14 did take place on Thursday, 11 December 2008. It was devoted to the role of IRENA in promoting renewable energies for a stable climate and security of supply. Mohamed El-Ashry (REN 21) and Ministers of industrialised and developing countries supporting IRENA stressed the importance of international cooperation to tackle the challenge of mitigating climate change. For more detailed information on IRENA's Side Event in Poznan, you can download the press release and the programme.