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    • Renewables and Green Gas: The Only Viable Antidote to High Fossil Fuel Prices

      Outdated perceptions of the costs of clean energy remain a major barrier to the energy transition. Despite the dramatic fall in prices across these technologies, the dialogue surrounding “cheap” fossil fuels and “expensive” renewable energy endures, and must be changed.

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    • Let’s Not Forget, People Power Energy

      In a world so rich in innovation and technology, it is easy to forget just how important people are to progress and development.

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    • How Domestic Currency Lending Can Accelerate the Energy Transition

      Domestic financial institutions are best placed to mitigate credit risks, access competent technical assistance and assess renewable energy investments, they represent a reliable partners in RE project development.

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    • Could the Energy Transition Benefit Africa's Economies?

      The energy transition, with its systematic shift to renewable energy needs to be understood not as a burden impost on the world’s most vulnerable people, but as a vast opportunity to improve livelihoods across Africa in ways that transcend purely economic benefits.

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