Africa Continental Power System Masterplan


The African Continental Power Systems Master Plan (CMP) is an ongoing initiative led by the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) that aims to establish a long-term continent-wide planning process for power generation and transmission involving all five African power pools.

IRENA is supporting this initiative as officially endorsed modelling partner, together with the IAEA. Both modelling partners will support AUDA-NEPAD staff and power pool experts in development of the CMP and provide trainings on the use of the SPLAT-Africa model, based on IRENA’s System Planning Test (SPLAT) framework.

IRENA’s CMP support is a multi-year program under which the agency will assist AUDA-NEPAD and the five Power Pools with model building, data sharing and knowledge transfer to enable the creation of a smart power systems master plan that promotes access to affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity supplies across the continent.

Africa Continental Power System Masterplan