Reviews of cutting-edge technology and country data on low-carbon transportation

The transport sector represents a third of global energy demand and 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions – it is also the sector with the lowest level of renewable energy use.

IRENA is engaged in numerous activities and projects that support more use of renewables in the sector. The share of renewable energy in the transport sector is only around 3% at present; however, as IRENA’s REmap reports show, there is the potential to as much as quadruple the renewable energy share by 2030 and go even further by mid-decade.

A transformation in transport sector energy use is required if the world is to meet its climate objectives, improve the sustainability of urban environments, improve energy security and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

IRENA has identified two key areas where efforts in transportation should be focused:

Data and interactive graphs:
Energy demand by sector today
Future perspectives from REmap