Renewable Energy Policies for Cities: Buildings

May 2021
ISBN : 978-92-9260-337-3

Buildings are the most prominent feature of most cities, occupying large areas to provide homes and services for residents. Buildings are also among the biggest users of energy and contribute substantially to greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewables have impacts that extend well beyond the energy sector, leading to greater emphasis on energy efficiency and new consumption dynamics, providing an opportunity to rethink buildings and remake cities in ways that support global climate goals.

Renewable Energy Policies for Cities: Buildings is one of a series of three briefs intended to help policy makers accelerate efforts to create sustainable cities powered by renewable energy. The series includes briefs on the power and transport sectors.

Like the Renewable Energy Policies for Cities: Experiences in China, Uganda and Costa Rica series of reports, the briefs recognise that cities are critical actors in energy and climate policy that can complement national or state/provincial government initiatives.