Renewable Energy Policies for Cities: Transport

May 2021
ISBN : 978-92-9260-336-6

Cities bring together the people and resources needed for commerce, recreation, and cultural activity. Transport of all kinds plays a central role in cities, as they are home to an ever increasing share of the world’s population. For urban stakeholders working to build greener cities in the years ahead, creating a sustainable transport sector will be critical to their success.

Renewable Energy Policies for Cities: Transport is intended to help policy makers accelerate efforts to create sustainable cities powered by renewable energy. This brief highlights best practices in sustainable urban transport and showcase city actions that accelerate the creation of sustainable transport systems.

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This brief is one in a series that also includes the power and buildings sectors. These briefs focus on city-level actions that may be undertaken independently or in combination with broader national initiatives.

The briefs complement the Renewable Energy Policies for Cities: Experiences in China, Uganda and Costa Rica series of reports and recognise that cities are critical actors in energy and climate policy making, working alongside national and state/provincial governments.