Central Asia Workshop on Long-Term Capacity Expansion Planning with a High Share of Renewables


Jointly organised by IRENA as part of its AVRIL project and Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, the workshop supported the use of international best practice in long-term energy planning, and furthered the Agency’s efforts under the Astana Communique on Accelerating the Uptake of Renewables in Central Asia.

During the workshop, participants discussed the range of tools and methodologies that are available around the world to specifically address the improved representation of variable renewable energy in long-term planning. Good practices to enhance capacity expansion planning to achieve significant renewable energy deployment were presented by international experts.

Participation of government representatives from the region and technical institutions ensured the workshop built on prior engagements – including, the IRENA Regional Workshop on Policy Support Mechanisms held in Baku, Azerbaijan in October 2018

Agenda: English, русский


Session 1: Country Presentations on Long-term Energy Planning in Central Asia

8. Scene Setting Presentation: Long-term Planning with a High Share of Variable Renewable Energy - Asami Miketa, IRENA русский

Session 2: Country/Regional Experiences with Long-term Planning with a High Share of VRE: Process, Tools, Key Lessons Learnt

Session 3: Technical assistance initiatives by partners on long-term planning with a high share of VRE - Process, Tools, key lessons learnt

15. Presentation on the International Green Technologies and Investments Center (IGTIC) - Yerbol Sarypbekov, IGTIC

16. Introductory Presentation: Key Technical Considerations for Variable Renewable Energy in Long-term Planning - Asami Miketa, IRENA русский

Session 4: In-depth Presentations by Countries on Key Methodologies Used in Planning

Session 5: In-depth Presentations: Reflecting Flexibility, Generation Adequacy, and Transmission Needs in Long-term Capacity Expansion Planning