Energy Planning Support

Long-term energy planning is the process through which national or regional targets, policies and investment strategies are derived from quantitative analysis of energy sector scenarios, often aided by the modelling of energy systems. Such planning is a central component of energy policy-making processes around the world, guiding decisions on when, where and how to invest in the energy sector.

The Energy Planning team at IRENA provides support to Member Countries interested in improving their long-term energy planning, with a focus on renewable energy.

Based on its near-universal membership and an extensive repository of best practices for planning with renewable energy, IRENA provides energy planning capacity building and trainings at regional and country level around the world. This includes a wide range of on-the-ground activities, such as regional training workshops and support to countries in energy master plan development.

IRENA’s energy planning capacity building is supported by in-house expertise in long-term planning tools and methodologies. The Agency has developed tools such as its System Planning Test (SPLAT) model, and methodologies related to long-term energy scenarios and addressing variable renewables in long-term planning.

Beyond in-house expertise, IRENA possesses of a wide network of partners at global, regional and national level which it can engage to provide advice and support for countries’ energy planning needs. As an endorser of the “Roundtable Principles for Supporting Strategic Energy Planning” IRENA aims to follow a robust code of conduct in its energy planning activities, and ensure coordination with both international and regional partners to improve the effectiveness of support. Over the last years, IRENA has also been organizing side-events at the International Energy Workshop (IEW), a leading conference for the international energy modelling research community.

For more information on IRENA's expertise:

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Long-term planning tools and methodologies: System Planning Test (SPLAT) modelAddressing variable renewables in the long-term