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    • Low-cost finance for the energy transition

      This report identifies the pressing need for greater private sector engagement in the financing of energy transition projects, as well as closer public-private collaboration to sustain the net zero pathway.

      Publications Energy transition Finance & investment Costs Technology
    • The cost of financing for renewable power

      Based on a new, unique dataset from a global survey, this IRENA report presents unprecedented insights on the cost of capital for onshore wind, offshore wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) projects.

      Publications Finance & investment Costs Technology Solar energy Wind energy
    • World Energy Transitions Outlook 2023: 1.5°C Pathway; Preview

      The World Energy Transitions Outlook 2023 Preview offers key insights from the forthcoming IRENA report, providing high-level perspectives on the progress achieved in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

      Publications Energy transition Policy Planning Targets & NDCs Carbon capture Technology & infrastructure
    • Scaling up investments in ocean energy technologies

      This brief from the Collaborative Framework for Ocean Energy Technologies and Offshore Renewables provides options for scaling up investments in ocean energy, focusing on tidal stream and wave energy technologies.

      Publications CF Offshore Renewables Collaborative Frameworks Energy transition Ocean
    • Renewable capacity statistics 2023

      This publication presents renewable power generation capacity statistics for the past decade (2013-2022) in trilingual tables.

      Publications Energy transition
    • Malaysia energy transition outlook

      The Malaysia energy transition outlook provides a comprehensive, renewables-focused, long-term energy pathway for the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy system in Malaysia.

      Publications Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) Energy transition Power system flexibility Energy efficiency
    • Global landscape of renewable energy finance 2023

      Global investment in renewables must triple to meet climate and development goals. This report provides recommendations to scale up public funds and channel them more towards developing economies.

      Publications Geothermal energy Global Geothermal Alliance
    • Global geothermal market and technology assessment

      This global assessment provides an overview of developments in the geothermal sector and the factors that will shape the geothermal market in the near future.

      Publications Renewable potential assessment Geothermal energy Global Geothermal Alliance
    • The changing role of hydropower: Challenges and opportunities

      This report is aimed at policy makers and hydropower practitioners to raise awareness among IRENA stakeholders regarding hydropower’s perceived challenges and needs, and to serve as a catalyst for debate in the context of IRENA’s Collaborative Framework on Hydropower.

      Publications CF Hydropower Collaborative Frameworks Hydrogen
    • 水电不断变化的角色:挑战与机遇

      本报告简要介绍了水电的现状,并提出了如何充分发挥其潜力的愿景,旨在提高 IRENA 利益相关者对水电面临的挑战和需求的认识,并作为 IRENA 水电合作框架背景下辩论的催化剂。

      Publications CF Hydropower Hydrogen
    • Renewable Energy Roadmap: Nigeria

      This report, developed in collaboration with the Energy Commission of Nigeria, analyses the additional renewable energy deployment potential up to the year 2050, with an additional 2030 focus to aid shorter-term policy development.

      Publications Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Country Energy transition
    • Planning and prospects for renewable power: North Africa

      This report shows the importance of regional coordination in long-term planning, by showcasing collective opportunities for North African countries to diversify their electricity generation mixes and reduce their reliance on fossil fuel resources by 2040.

      Publications Reports Planning Long term energy planning
    • Off-grid Renewable Energy Statistics 2022

      This publication presents statistics for the decade 2012-2021 in trilingual tables, covering off-grid power capacity, biogas production and numbers of people using off-grid power and biogas for cooking and lighting.

      Publications Reports Statistics Off-grid for energy access
    • Renewable energy auctions: Southeast Asia

      Renewable energy auctions have become a popular instrument for the deployment of renewables around the world, and Southeast Asia is no exception.

      Publications Reports Energy transition Renewable energy auctions
    • Renewables readiness assessment: The Kyrgyz Republic

      This report, developed by the Ministry of Energy of the Kyrgyz Republic with the support of IRENA, aims to further support the country towards the sustainable development of the energy sector through increased deployment of reliable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions.

      Publications Reports Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) Energy transition
    • Renewable solutions in end-uses: Heat pump costs and markets

      This report provides an overview of heat pump technologies and their applications, discusses building stock and the implications for the use of heat pumps in both new and old buildings and examines recent market developments.

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