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Geopolitics of the energy transition: Energy security

This report, developed under the IRENA Collaborative Framework on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation, provides new analysis to elicit informed and constructive dialogue on the evolving nature of energy security in the era of renewables.


The acceleration of a renewable-based global energy transition represents our only option to ensure the world remains on a 1.5°C-compatible trajectory. However, this pathway relies on our collective ability to prioritise actions such as the modernisation and expansion of infrastructure, policy and market adaptation, and institutional and human capacity development.

As the world moves towards a renewables-based energy system, the nature and priorities of energy security will evolve in step with these essential elements of the transition. This report cautions against transposing the thinking from the fossil fuel era to a such a system, and places the well-being of people and the planet at the centre of the evolving energy security narrative.

It identifies multiple issues that should be systematically considered to guide national decision making on resource endowments and comparative advantages, as well as the existing and emergent threats to a highly complex and integrated new energy paradigm, as governments make significant investments in infrastructure for systems that are increasingly electrified, digitalised and decentralised.