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    • A New Energy Future: The Way to a Sustainable Recovery

      Keynote speech by the Director-General on the role of renewable energy in sustainable development in a webinar organised by Renewable Energy Institute.

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    • Offshore Renewables: Fostering a Blue Economy

      Key recommendations to utilise offshore renewables at the G20 Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG).

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    • Smart Grids and Renewables: A Guide for Effective Deployment

      The steady growth of renewable energy technologies and cost-competitiveness of solar and wind power call for a smarter approach to power-grid management. This working paper from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) provides a technical overview of smart-grid technologies as a way to accommodate larger shares of renewable energy in the electricity sector.

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    • Renewable Capacity Statistics 2018

      The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) produces comprehensive renewable energy statistics on a range of topics. This publication presents renewable power generation capacity statistics for the last decade (2008-2017).

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    • Electrification with Renewables

      This first-of-its-kind analysis, undertaken jointly by IRENA and the State Grid Corporation of China, reflects findings from their forthcoming “Electrification with Renewables” scoping study.

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    • NDCs in 2020

      The brief, released at the global climate meeting COP25, underlines the opportunity to address the climate threat, decarbonise energy use and simultaneously achieve multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

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    • Enabling Technologies: Innovation Landscape briefs

      These briefs explore enabling technologies for large-scale use of solar and wind power. Building on a wider Innovation Landscape study, the set covers innovations in batteries, electric vehicle charging, artificial intelligence, Blockchain and other technologies.

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    • Innovation Trends in Electrolysers for Hydrogen Production

      This EPO-IRENA joint report uses patent statistics to reveal the trends and dynamism in the exciting field of green hydrogen that can be produced using renewable electricity via electrolysis.

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    • Quality infrastructure for smart mini-grids

      Market expansion for renewable mini-grids depends on establishing trustworthy quality infrastructure (QI). Smart technologies to integrate solar and wind power require international and national QI.

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    • 10 Years: Progress to Action

      IRENA's 10th Assembly booklet charts global advances over the past decade and calls for a new Decade of Action on renewables. Comparative graphs and data illuminate the road ahead.

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    • Accelerating the Energy Transition through Innovation

      Technological breakthroughs are needed to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector. This working paper examines the basic conditions required to nurture innovation and produce new technologies for a low-carbon future.

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    • Grid Codes for Renewable Powered Systems

      This report contains the latest developments and good practices to develop grid connection codes for power systems with high shares of variable renewable energy – solar photovoltaic and wind.

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    • Renewable Energy and Electricity Interconnections for a Sustainable Northeast Asia

      This report, a joint study between IRENA and the Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI), provides new perspectives on the interconnection potential in Northeast Asia and valuable insights for policy makers and key stakeholders.

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    • Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition: Heating and Cooling

      The transition to renewable-based, energy-efficient heating and cooling could follow several possible pathways. This report outlines the infrastructure and policies needed.

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    • International Standardisation in the Field of Renewable Energy

      Renewable energy standards, regularly reviewed and updated by international committees of technical experts, can help policy makers as an instrument to demonstrate national regulatory compliance, as well as ensuring successful deployment of renewable energy technologies (RET).

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    • Innovation Outlook: Renewable Ammonia

      This IRENA-AEA joint report provides a detailed overview of renewable ammonia in contrast to conventional and fossil-based ammonia with carbon mitigation.

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    • Renewable Energy Outlook for ASEAN

      The nations of Southeast Asia stand at a crossroads in terms of their collective energy future. Amid rapid economic growth, they face a 50% rise in regional energy demand within a decade. This brings challenges in supplying energy affordably, sustainably and securely.

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