IRENA head calls on Brazil to share experience in renewable energy deployment


Developing countries could benefit from Brazil’s experience in the deployment of renewable energies, according to Mr Adnan Z. Amin, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) speaking today at a side event organised by Eletrobras. He encouraged Brazil to join international cooperation under the auspices of IRENA. In response Mr Marcio Zimmermann, Vice-Minister of Mines and Energy of Brazil, speaking at the event, welcomed the closer partnership between Brazil and IRENA.

Mr Amin pointed out that Brazil had made tremendous progress in the deployment of renewable energies, after going through a long learning process, with pitfalls and successes, other countries could learn from.

He highlighted the sustainability of hydro projects based on the concept of “structuring projects” that integrate enabling infrastructure, local capacity-building and job creation.

Brazil’s “Light for All” programme for the regulation of mini-grids, which boosted electrification, was another initiative of interest to other countries.

Biofuels was another area in which Brazil had a rich experience policy-makers in other countries could learn from.