Duty Stations

Learn more about our duty stations in Abu Dhabi, Bonn and New York


Abu Dhabi

IRENA Divisions in Abu Dhabi

  1. Office of the Director General (ODG)
  2. The Administration and Management Services (AMS)
  3. Country Support and Partnerships (CSP)
  4. Knowledge, Policy and Finance (KPF)
  5. Project Facilitation and Support (PFS)

Why visit, when you can live in Abu Dhabi

As a high-energy country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a lot to offer to foreign professionals.

With its dynamic economy and vast career opportunities, it is no surprise that an estimated 200 nationalities call it their second home.


Here are some reasons why you should consider moving to Abu Dhabi

  • Lifestyle - Abu Dhabi offers activities for everyone. In this multicultural city, expats have a lot of choice when it comes to lifestyle and cultural activities.
  • Weather and the year-round sunshine - If you fancy living and working in a country where sun shines every day, look no further than Abu Dhabi.
  • Strong economy -  Steady growth in GDP makes Abu Dhabi one of the most financially stable destinations in the world.
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Modern and comfortable accommodation suitable for all budgets - whether you looking for a villa, high rise apartment or a cozy studio, Abu Dhabi has something for everyone.
  • Reliable health care - healthcare is of an incredibly high standard. You are sure of getting the very best care in excellent facilities staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses.
  • An abundance of great education facilities - there are many excellent private international schools where children can continue to follow the British, American, French or international Curriculum. Abu Dhabi is also home to New York University and Paris Sorbonne campuses overseas.
  • International cuisine - you can easily eat your way around the world, thanks to the UAE’s plethora of restaurants serving authentic international dishes.
  • Well-connected - UAE is an air travel hub a gateway to Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe making it a perfect starting point for travelling the world. And, Dubai is only 45 minutes away from IRENA Headquarters
  • Multicultural Melting Pot - Around 70% of the city’s population was born overseas and there are large groups of expats from all corners of the world
  • Safety - the streets of Abu Dhabi are friendly and safe. Men and women can walk through any public area day or night and feel almost no risk or threat. While the UAE remains a Muslim country, it welcomes the large mix of religions and faith.

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IRENA Divisions in Bonn

  1. IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC)
  2. Planning and Programme Support (PPS)

We would like to welcome you to join us in the ‘Cherry Blossom Avenue’ - Bonn

On the Middle Rhine, Bonn is a city that everyone knows for being the capital of West Germany up to 1990. Germany’s current constitution was declared in Bonn in 1949 and many government ministries are still located in the city.

Bonn has all the culture of a nation’s capital, not least on its Museum Mile, which has an excellent museum about German contemporary history and the Bundeskunsthalle, one of the country’s top exhibition venues. Bonn was also where the composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born and grew up, and his birthplace and childhood home have been kept as a museum full of invaluable memorabilia from his life.

A UN City “The United Nations are currently represented with 20 organizations in Bonn. UN Bonn supports targeted efforts by governments for a sustainable future in the fields of climate change, land degradation, biodiversity and ecosystem services, wildlife conservation, volunteerism, health, human security, disaster risk reduction, tourism, as well as education and training. This not only includes the sustainable use of natural resources and their precautionary preservation for future generations, but also the global fight against poverty.”

“The blossoms in question can be found in Bonn, Germany, in the Nordstadt neighbourhood which is also home to the famous Beethoven House. Back in the 1980s, ornamental Japanese cherry blossom trees were planted along Heerstrasse, and these days, every spring, the streets come alive with a pop of colour.”

New York

Office of the Permanent Observer to the United Nations