Launch of the IRENA Global Atlas - Bioenergy Simulator

26 July 2017 | Innovation

Developed by IRENA, in partnership with the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Valbiom, the bioenergy simulator provides users the ability to estimate the potential yields of bioenergy produced anywhere in the world. This new renewable energy simulator can now be accessed free via the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy. The webinar will introduce the functionalities of the bioenergy simulator and demonstrate how this tool can help policy makers and business developers to estimate the potential yields of bioenergy and plan bioenergy growth. The simulator is available for external validation.


  • Dr. Nicolas Fichaux, Senior Programme Officer, Knowledge management, IRENA
  • Dr. Hosni Ghedira, Director, ReCREMA, Masdar Institute
  • Arturo Gianvenuti, Consultant
  • Livia Spezzani, Project Manager Bioenergy and Biobased Products, ValBiom
  • Dr. Jacinto Estima, Programme Officer, IRENA


For more information visit our Bioenergy Simulator