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11 Million People Employed in Renewable Energy Worldwide in 2018

More countries tapped into the socio-economic gains of the energy transition.
  • June 2019

IRENA Signs Supplementary Agreement to Headquarters Agreement with the UAE

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) today signed a supplementary agreement to the headquarters agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • June 2019

Falling Renewable Power Costs Open Door to Greater Climate Ambition

Solar and wind are set to provide cheaper electricity than fossil fuels by 2020, IRENA’s latest report on power generation costs shows.
  • May 2019

More People Have Access to Electricity, but World Is Falling Short of Sustainable Energy Goals

More People Have Access to Electricity Than Ever Before, but World Is Falling Short of Sustainable Energy Goals
  • May 2019

IRENA Welcomes Luigi Di Maio, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, to Headquarters

IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera emphasises socio-economic benefits of energy transition
  • April 2019

Deep Electrification Powered by Renewables Key for a Climate-Safe Future

New report by IRENA charts pathways to further accelerate energy transformation which meets climate objectives while creating jobs and fostering economic growth.
  • April 2019

IRENA and IEA Strengthen Cooperation for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future

New Memorandum of Understanding signed today sets the framework for future cooperation between both International Agencies.
  • April 2019

Francesco La Camera Assumes Office of IRENA Director-General

New head of the International Renewable Energy Agency starts his four-year term
  • April 2019

Renewable Energy Now Accounts for a Third of Global Power Capacity

According to the last findings, renewable energy capacity has added 171 GW in the last year, IRENA report finds.
  • April 2019

IRENA and GGGI Sign Agreement to Advance Energy Transformation and Green Growth

IRENA and GGGI will cooperate on advancing renewable energy in pursuit of green growth, sustainable development and a climate-resilient low-carbon future. 
  • March 2019