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These Middle East Countries Are Moving Towards A More Sustainable Future

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), renewable energy could supply four-fifths of the world’s electricity by 2050, massively cutting carbon emissions and helping to mitigate climate change. With renewables coming to the forefront of a global transition more conscious of the environment, many countries in MENA have started to take initiative.

How climate change will transform the global balance of power

This is the subject of an important report by the newly formed Global Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation (supported by Irena, the International Renewable Energy Agency), whose commissioners include former German foreign minister and Green leader Joschka Fischer and Anatoly Chubais, Russia’s former Russian deputy prime minister.

GCC to save USD 76 bln by 2030 from renewable energy adoption: IRENA

The GCC is set to create cumulative cost savings of $76 billion by 2030, if it realizes its renewable energy plans, a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) said. The regions has been rapidly adopting renewable energy to meet power demand. The UAE, having 68 eprcent of the GCC's installed renewable energy capacity, aims to generate half of its power from clean energy by 2050.

Shipping industry must act to meet emissions targets, path unclear - IRENA

Immediate action is required if the global shipping industry is to meet a target of halving its carbon emissions by the middle of the century, but how to achieve this remains unclear, a report showed on Thursday.

India showing political will on renewable energy development: IRENA

The USD cost of solar PV in India has come down by 79 per cent per kilowatt hour and 24 per cent for onshore wind in 2018 from 2010, according to the IRENA report

Cheaper solar power gains ground in southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is accelerating plans to harness energy from the sun in coming years as the cost of generating electricity from some solar power projects has become more affordable than gas-fired plants, officials and analysts said.

  • Date: 31 October 2019
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  • Source: Reuters

Morgan Stanley Says These Firms Will Profit From Climate Change

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Offshore wind to explode into '$1 trillion' global market by 2040

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Asia poised to become dominant market for wind energy, says report

Asia could grow its share of installed capacity for onshore wind energy from 230 Gigawatt (GW) in 2018 to over 2,600 GW by 2050, a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) said on Monday.

  • Date: 22 October 2019
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  • Source: CNBC

Germany's Bet on Solar Power May Get Lost in the Wind

As Germany prepares to pass its climate protection plan through 2030, the government is trying to decide whether to prioritize solar or wind energy. The latest version of the plan leans toward solar, and that makes economic sense, but it also represents something of an unwelcome turnabout for the existing renewables industry, which is mostly wind-focused.

Trump's push to save coal is failing. Coal demand to plunge to 42-year low

President Donald Trump's mission to revive America's coal industry is failing. US power plants are expected to consume less coal next year than at any point since President Jimmy Carter was in office, according to government forecasts released on Tuesday.

  • Date: 10 October 2019
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  • Source: CNN

The Green New Deal: Jeremy Rifkin And The Coming Collapse

A seismic shift is under way. According to author and futurist, Jeremy Rifkin (The Third Industrial RevolutionThe Zero Marginal Cost Society), we are in the final phases of the fossil fuel era. In his new book, The Green New Deal, Rifkin argues that we are entering a zero carbon economy. Much as coal and steam powered the First Industrial Revolution, and oil and telephony powered the Second Industrial Revolution, so clean energy and digital technologies are now converging toward what he describes as the Third Industrial Revolution.

  • Date: 08 October 2019
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  • Source: Forbes

Hydrogen as a Clean Fuel for Transportation

ASEAN currently consumes 4.5 million barrels of oil per day, while it only produces 2.5 million barrels per day, with the remaining supply gap – over 40% of the demand – coming from imports. Electrifying road vehicle fleets seems to be the most desirable path to addressing energy security, financial and fiscal burdens, and emissions and pollution challenges.

Will Electric Cars be the Norm in the UAE Soon?

At Gitex Technology Week, EVs and autonomous transport are making a big splash

An Oasis of PV

A new study shows solar may help reduce water pumping costs in a desert oasis of Mauritania significantly while reducing water losses. Researchers claim PV water pumping may also help prevent desertification.

EXPO 2020 selects 25 innovative projects

A Norwegian programme to swap plastic waste for financial reward, an online software from Bhutan that calculates healthy, cost-effective school meals sourcing ingredients from local farms and a Cameroonian project to build sustainable refugee camps are among the 25 projects selected in Expo 2020 Dubai’s Global Best Practice Programme. Expo’s Global Best Practice Programme received 1,175 submissions from 141 countries and presented a shortlist to a prestigious international selection committee that included representatives from the Bureau International des Expositions (the governing body of World Expos), University of Cambridge, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, UN-Habitat, UN-Water, UNDP, UNICEF, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the International Renewable Energy Agency, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.

  • Date: 28 September 2019
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  • Source: Gulf News

The slow, inexorable rise of green hydrogen

The International Renewable Energy Agency says the integration of hydrogen into the energy transition will not happen overnight and electrolysis costs will not be halved until the 2040s. That hydrogen and related products could revolutionize the world energy landscape, however, is not in doubt.

Faced with increasing heat waves frequency, European cities need to adapt

Although in 2018, the EU accounted for 11% of the global cooling energy consumption – which includes refrigerators and mobile cooling, such as mobile AC units and fans – the energy used to cool buildings across Europe is likely to increase by 72% by 2030, say experts from the International Renewable Energy Agency.

  • Date: 24 September 2019
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  • Source: Euronews

IRENA chief urges support for small island developing states in battling climate change

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  • Date: 24 September 2019
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  • Source: Xinhua

Climate Investment Platform destined to simplify access to finance

IRENA, SEforALL and UNDP have announced a partnership in coordination with Green Climate Fund to advance the low-carbon energy transition and increase capital flow to clean energy projects.