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Asia Poised to Become Dominant Market for Wind Energy

Wind energy could cover more than one third of global power needs in 2050 reducing global carbon emissions by a quarter, new IRENA report finds

  • October 2019

Five Reasons Why Countries in the Arabian Gulf are Turning to Renewables

Led by efforts in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, the GCC has become crucial to global efforts in support of the energy transformation.

  • October 2019

Unprecedented momentum for green hydrogen

Hydrogen from renewable energy could play a central role in the global energy transformation. The latest report estimates that hydrogen from renewable power could translate into 8 per cent of global energy consumption by 2050.

  • October 2019

An Oasis of PV

Building Partnerships for Progress at New York Climate Week

In total, IRENA agreed six new partnerships – representative of the interconnected nature of the SDGs and reinforcing the fact that achieving a number of development goals is directly or indirectly dependent on the achievement of another.

  • September 2019