Today’s Legislation for Tomorrow


A few years ago it would have been impossible for many to imagine that renewables would be in the position they are in today. Dramatic price drops and huge increases in investment and installed capacity have transformed renewables into a power source that can be part of supporting the global economy. But how can this momentum be maintained, and what role do policies have in bringing about a sustainable future?

“Lawmakers have a rich history of creating the policy and legal frameworks that can drive renewable energy deployment. Their role is even more critical as governments look to transform their energy infrastructure and markets,” said IRENA Director-General Adan Z. Amin, at IRENA’s second Legislators Forum on 13 January 2017. “By bringing together lawmakers from around the world concerned about energy issues, IRENA can better support their efforts to accelerate the energy transition.”

"Dissemination of renewables supports the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement." — Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment for the United Arab Emirates

Bringing together lawmakers is exactly what IRENA has done. 40 legislators from over 20 countries, and experts from the private sector and research institutes, gathered to discuss the next stage in implementing policies that can promote the accelerated deployment of renewables and the numerous socioeconomic benefits that accompany them.

The meeting allowed participants to exchange best practices and learn from each other’s experiences in creating effective renewable energy policy. It focused on policy and legislative tools as well as financing mechanisms available to raise the level of ambition towards an accelerated energy transition, using available databases, analytical reports, and direct legislative assistance.

The Legislators Forum took place the day before the opening of the seventh IRENA Assembly, which gathers government officials from IRENA's Member countries to advance the renewable energy agenda. Outcomes from Legislators Forum were also presented at the Assembly’s discussions.

Prior to forum, on 12 January, participants of the were also invited by the UAE’s Federal National Council to visit the country’s parliament and meet with a group of its members.