Event: IRENA & Partners Focus on Sustainable Cities


Cities hold the key to the global transition to sustainable energy.

More than half the world’s people live in cities. By 2050 that will rise to two thirds. Cities already account for 65% of global energy demand and 70% of carbon dioxide emissions – and the numbers keep growing. If humanity wants to meet its future energy needs, stay healthy, and stop catastrophic climate change, the battle begins and ends in our urban centres.

To help drive the needed energy transition in cities, IRENA and the governments of Ecuador, Germany and the UAE will host a full-day event on the sidelines of the upcoming UN Habitat III meeting in Quito, Ecuador.

RE-energising Cities: Renewable Energy in Urban Settings, will capitalise on the unique gathering of stakeholders convened for Habitat III, to showcase the innovative and transformative ways that cities can contribute to the renewable energy transition. It will share cutting-edge information, highlight examples of successful policy frameworks, and discuss priority areas for action to capitalise on the opportunities renewables present.


Title: RE-energising Cities: Renewable Energy in Urban Settings

Date: Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Time: 10:00 – 4:30 (lunch and light snacks will be provided)

Venue: Escuela Politecnica Nacional (walking distance from Habitat III venue)

Language: Event will be held in English. Spanish translation will be available.

The event is open to representatives of governments (regional, national, local), private sector, civil society organizations, media, academics and members of the public.

Registration and is now available at http://re-energising.org

Attendance is free. Due to venue restrictions, early registration is encouraged.