Climate Investment Platform

The Climate Investment Platform (CIP) is a global initiative, announced on the occasion of the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit in September 2019, by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All), in co-operation with the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The CIP is an inclusive partnership welcoming all stakeholders, from governments and international organisations to the private sector, to scale up climate action and translate ambitious national climate targets into concrete investments on the ground. Working collectively and together with all interested partners, the CIP aims to mobilise investments at the necessary scale to achieve meaningful progress towards climate objectives. The CIP will initially focus on energy transition, with the ultimate goal of accelerating investments in renewable energy and enabling the realisation of the ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

How to become a CIP Partner

IRENA invites multilateral, bilateral and local financial institutions, other development organisations and other institutions that are prepared to provide financial resources, technical assistance and/or support the realisation of projects,  along with private companies and private investors, to become partners of the Climate Investment Platform (CIP). Within the framework of the CIP, interested organisations can register under relevant sub-regional operational cluster(s) and propose modalities for technical assistance and/or project support that they can provide in response to requests received through the Platform. Partners will be informed of all CIP events and invited to Investment Forums and other related activities.

How to obtain support

Submit a Request to obtain support for project development and/or access to finance for a renewable energy project:

Once registered, you will receive updates on the next Investment Forums, other CIP events and related activities.

Read more information about IRENA driven project facilitation within CIP below and in this document.

Investment Forums: An operational framework for CIP implementation

Investment Forums constitute a key element of IRENA’s strategy to increase impact on the ground. They add significant value in enabling investments in renewable energy projects and provide an effective organising framework for the implementation of the CIP through a sub-regional approach. The Forums have two main aims: to strengthen the ability of decision-makers to produce a strong enabling environment for renewable energy investments; and help the developers to prepare bankable projects and access finance.

Each Investment Forum will focus on a cluster of countries allowing activities to be adjusted to specific needs of countries. Accordingly, IRENA has identified 14 operational clusters that are designed to facilitate sub-regional activities for analytical, technical and project support. Such clustering will be kept as flexible as possible to allow countries to engage in one or more clusters.

Read more about the sub-regional clusters below and Submit a Request under the relevant cluster to obtain support from IRENA and other CIP partners for project development and/or access to finance for renewable energy projects.


Operational clusters for the conduct of Investment Forums:


IRENA’s Investment Forums will be structured around three main phases:

Phase 1: Development of a project pipeline

Development of a solid project pipeline could include potentially bankable project proposals as well as promising project ideas and proposals at early conceptual stages, which may compete for project preparation support. Two main avenues are considered for project identification: Renewable Energy Digital Interface based on the latest IRENA project facilitation tools, and country-level interactions with public and private stakeholders and exchanges with partner organisations.

Phase 2: Investment Forum event

The scope of activities of each Forum will be tailored to the specific needs of each cluster. This will be determined in consultations with governments, regional stakeholders and partner organisations.

Forums will have two main segments:

An additional dimension of the Investment Forums is to provide an avenue to dissemination the knowledge and provide Capacity Building activities tailored to each sub-region. This will build on IRENA’s knowledge products, partnerships and regional action agendas, while incorporating key lessons from each sub-region and beyond.

Phase 3: Post-forum project support

After the Forum, the Agency will continue following up with the projects that received interest by financiers and/or investors. Where feasible, IRENA or its partners may support the projects towards the financial closure. This support may include aiding developers in meeting investors and lenders requirements, facilitating access to suitable financing and/or risk mitigation instruments, and other activities. IRENA or its partners may also support governments and other relevant stakeholders by providing technical advisory and capacity support in selected policy, regulatory and technical areas to strengthen the investment environment for renewables.

Activity cycle of the Project Support activities at Investment Forums:

Sub-regional Investment Forums and associated activities will be organised as regular event cycles.