Solutions for a Renewable-Powered Future

Innovation is a key driver for the energy transformation. Innovative solutions can make the power system more flexible, allowing for a higher, cost-effective use of renewables.

IRENA's 2019 Innovation Landscape study outlines 11 solutions to create reliable, efficient future power systems using large shares of solar and wind power:

The proposed solutions make use of 30 innovations, which are further explored in sets of briefs:


12 Aggregators
13 Peer-to-peer electricity trading
14 Energy-as-a-service
15 Community-ownership models
16 Pay-as-you-go models 


25 Future role of distribution system operators
26 Co-operation between transmission and distribution system operators
27 Advanced forecasting of variable renewable power generation
28 Innovative operation of pumped hydropower storage
29 Virtual power lines
30 Dynamic line rating


“Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future” provides the first-of-its-kind mapping and categorising of innovative solutions to integrate renewable power. It brings together key insights on emerging innovations that facilitate a higher share of variable renewables – mainly solar PV and wind - in the power sector.

Electrification, decentralisation and digitalisation are leading innovation trends that unlock system flexibility for more variable renewables. 30 different innovations in enabling technologies, market design, business models and system operation transform the power sector at its core.

11 innovative solutions show how synergies between innovations can enable the cost-effective acceleration of variable renewables, while making energy production, transmission and consumption more flexible and empowering a new generation of energy consumers.