Capacity Building for Renewable Energy Targets in the Kyrgyz Republic

With the support of IRENA and UNDP, Ministry of Energy and Industry is undertaking a Renewable Readiness Assessment (RRA) for the Kyrgyz Republic.

The RRA for the Kyrgyz Republic indicates a strong case for diversification towards more non-hydropower renewables in the power sector and towards renewables in end-use energy sectors (namely transport and heating). The RRA for Kyrgyzstan includes three special objectives: providing inputs to the National Determined Contributions (NDC) process, an assessment of wind and solar PV potential and capacity building on renewable energy target setting. This capacity building workshop helps fulfil the RRA objective of developing a better understanding of target setting in the country.

In this context, in partnership with UNDP, IRENA is organising Capacity Building for Renewable Energy Targets in the Kyrgyz Republic. The objective of this workshop was to share IRENA’s framework on the design of renewable energy targets, and insights regarding considerations, best practices, lessons learnt and specific case studies, with a focus on the Kyrgyzstan context and objectives. Participants will go through the design elements as well as the pros and cons of each option, while making each choice. The workshop provided participants with the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions with the presenters.

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