Renewable Energy in NDCs: Driving Climate Action towards Low Carbon and Inclusive Development in Africa

29 September 2021 |Virtual

The role of renewable energy and energy efficiency is already widely acknowledged as key means for the realisation of the global climate agenda. More than 170 countries have set renewable energy targets, and many of them have included them in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Nevertheless, energy related climate pledges under these initial NDCs are insufficient to achieve climate objectives and clean energy goals at both the national and sub-national levels are needed.

In the framework of the Africa Climate Week IRENA is organising side event titled; Renewable Energy in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Driving Climate Action towards Low Carbon and Inclusive Development in Africa. The event will discuss how NDCs are driving energy transformation and inclusive development as well as showcase the existing renewable energy technology and innovation options that African governments have to help implement mitigation and adaptation measures.

Representatives from governments and international organisations will provide insights into the work done to achieve the proposed climate action goals, as well as showcase examples of new patterns of socio-economic development achieved through prioritization of renewable energy development. Participants will also hear from international organisations that help advise and assist countries in implementing their NDCs.

The detailed agenda and concept note are available here.