2021 IRENA Policy Talk #2 - Green Hydrogen Supply: Policies and Practical Insights

The last two years have witnessed increased momentum for green hydrogen, with many countries around the world implementing national hydrogen strategies or announcing their intentions to do so. Measures to support green hydrogen have even been included in post-COVID-19 recovery packages. Investors and the private sector are also making strategic investments in green hydrogen and forming cross-sector partnerships to drive down costs and create greater economies of scale for green hydrogen technologies. 

This second session of the Policy Talks 2021 presented key findings of two new hydrogen reports on the 27th of May 2021.

The IRENA report “Green hydrogen supply: A guide to policy making” examines the challenges for the production and transportation of green hydrogen, and the policies needed to support them. Targets, tariffs, auctions, tax exemptions, and other measures can ensure a sufficient supply of renewable electricity, boost demand for green hydrogen and its derivatives, and create the needed infrastructure to store and transport hydrogen. The report also presents a roadmap to adopt such policies in the right moment as the green hydrogen sector grows.  

The IRENA Coalition for Action white paper “Practical insights on green hydrogen” draws from on the ground experiences and showcases green hydrogen projects across different end-uses, provides insights from a renewable energy industry perspective on growth opportunities, and offers recommendations to policy makers to accelerate its adoption worldwide. 

This session gathered public and private stakeholders to discuss key opportunities and challenges in scaling up green hydrogen, focused on the role of supply-side policies. The webinar also highlighted successful examples of companies that are developing projects to build technical capacity and showcase the potential to scale up green hydrogen uptake in energy-intensive, hard-to-abate sectors.

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