IRENA Global Atlas for Renewable Energy

With the increased penetration of renewable energy into our energy mix, policy makers and project developers are seeking to improve access to good quality resource data and to reduce resource associated risks in project development.

The IRENA Global Atlas for Renewable Energy is a free online resource-assessment tool for users to search and locate renewable energy opportunities. It provides the user with a better understanding of the renewable energy potential in a country or region.

IRENA is launching the new version of the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy platform, which enhances users’ experience with revised renewable resource maps that are complimented with supplementary data, such as protected areas. The user-friendly platform includes newly added functionalities to enable effective mapping of resource potentials and perform advanced renewable energy-site prospecting.

The Global Atlas draws from the expertise and experiences of over 50 collaborators and contributors including research institutions, private companies, development banks and national governments; to freely share data and promote renewable energy deployment. 

Public and private stakeholders convened on 31 May 2021 at 18:30 GST (14:30 GMT) to discuss the opportunities and challenges for online resource assessment tools and data as well as their importance in project development with renewables.

The webinar also demonstrated the newly enhanced platform functions - how users search for data, overlay information, download selected datasets for offline use, and derive key information for sustainable energy policy and decision-making.

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The detailed concept note is available here.