Meeting of the Collaborative Framework on Enhancing Dialogue on High Shares of Renewables in Energy Systems

05 May 2021 |Virtual

The meeting aimed to bring together IRENA members and other key stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges in developing cross-border interconnections and regional markets based on renewables, in support of their transition to clean energy aligned with the climate and sustainable development objectives.

The meeting provided a platform for an exchange of experiences and best practices in setting up mechanisms to promote regional trade of renewable electricity as a means to optimise system development and operation, while provide technical and socio-economic benefits for all countries that are part of such interconnection and trade schemes.

Discussions looked at the implications of different levels of system and market integration with the demonstration of a number of power interconnection schemes available from across the globe and how these have contributed to a larger intake of renewable energy sources in a cost competitive manner in respective regions and countries.

Closed meeting (by invitation only).