Education for the Energy Transition: Approaches, Resources and Next Steps

We urgently have to scale up both the workforce and awareness needed for a clean energy transition. This requires bold efforts in education and workforce training to produce a new generation of energy professionals, reskill the current workforce and create informed consumers.

This interactive event, sponsored by the Green Learning Network, the International Renewable Energy Agency, REN21 and UNEP’s Youth and Education Alliance, brought together panellists at the forefront of renewable energy education and training to share innovative approaches to skill building and is useful for anyone interested in building a more sustainable future.

The panellists explored both challenges and solutions in areas such as adapting curricula to meet emerging knowledge and skills requirements; the role of educators across all levels and disciplines in helping students understand the opportunities and massive growth in clean energy careers; and systemic reform needs. The session also included discussion of resources, successful examples, solutions and sharing mechanisms.

The detailed agenda is available here.