Capacity Building on Long-Term Energy Planning in the Republic of Cameroon: First training course


The implementation of this capacity building programme for Cameroon to support the establishment of a national renewable energy master plan, as per the request formulated by the country. The programme aims to enhance energy planning capacity within national institutions on long-term planning through training on the SPLAT model and the development of energy scenarios. The objective is to enable the national working team to prepare a national energy master plan. The SPLAT model was developed by IRENA using the energy systems optimization software MESSAGE from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The software is free to use for non-commercial purposes.  The programme is developed together with the Ministry of Water and Energy of Cameroon and will consist of a series of main events over the course of roughly a year.


This is a brief report on the first face to face training course as part of the IRENA-Cameroon Masterplan Development Support Programme lead by IRENA. The objective of the course was to:

  • Consolidate MESSAGE and SPLAT modelling skills introduced in pre-face-to-face preparation carried out between April and July to the Cameroon working team.
  • Consolidate the scope of the program.
  • Initiate the thinking around the scenarios that will be analysed.
  • Introduce the Masterplan Report structure to the working team and other stakeholders.

The training was organized as the first milestone as a part of 12-month programme – IRENA-Cameroon capacity building programme on strategic long-term energy planning.

The detailed agenda is available here.