Launch RRA El Salvador

This virtual event featured the official launch of the Renewable Readiness Assessment (RRA) El Salvador. The event served as a platform to highlight a number of important topics relevant to renewable energy development in El Salvador amongst government officials, partners and other stakeholders to promote the implementation of the recommendations made in the RRA report. The session built on the insights from IRENA’s analysis, including the linkage between the set of five key thematic areas to be carried out beyond the RRA and the enhancement of El Salvador’s nationally determined contributions (NDCs). 

IRENA’s RRA, developed in close coordination with the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL) and the National Energy Council (CNE), reflects on country-led consultations that provide a venue for multi-stakeholder dialogue in identifying challenges in renewable energy deployment. IRENA’s analysis in El Salvador includes a set of five key thematic areas to be carried out beyond the RRA report to overcome these existing barriers. Within these areas, the Agency identified recommended actions for the short and medium term that could create more conducive conditions for renewable energy deployment, with the aim of supporting El Salvador in unlocking its renewable energy potential. 

The key areas for improvement identified during the RRA process for the government of El Salvador to focus on are related to enhancing long-term planning and policy for the renewable energy sector, enabling environment for geothermal energy development, developing institutional frameworks and improving coordination, promoting distributed power generation and strengthening renewable energy projects development and financing.