Online workshop on disruptive innovative solutions enabling 100% renewable power systems by mid-century

28 November 2019 |Online


The workshop on ‘Disruptive innovative solutions enabling 100% renewable power systems by mid-century’, held online, was the fourth and last activity performed under the ‘Experience-sharing programme on innovative solutions for very high shares of renewable power by mid-century’ taking place throughout 2019. The workshop was informed by insights gained during the previous workshops. Past activities focused on:


The objective of this online workshop was to connect representatives from countries that are exploring the most disruptive innovations enabling the rapid uptake of a high share of (variable) renewables in power systems by mid-century. During this workshop, country representatives were given the opportunity to discuss the most disruptive innovations to achieve renewable-powered futures, with a focus on technologies for direct and in-direct electrification of end-use sectors, as well as sector-coupling. The workshop further invited participants to consider various dimensions of innovations, including ‘social innovation’ and ‘regulatory sandboxes’, to achieve successful and inclusive renewable energy transitions. Insights gained will greatly assist IRENA’s members in driving their energy-system transformations towards very-high or 100% renewable power systems in the coming decades. Gathering such information is also valuable for IRENA when designing tools and activities to help deliver IRENA members' renewable power objectives.

Target audience

This online workshop targeted mid-level officials, as well as experts who have a role in advising officials from countries that have similar policy ambitions in terms of decarbonising the power system in the next two or three decades. Representatives from the following countries, which have accepted to participate in previous activities, were invited to attend this workshop, as these countries have policy targets to achieve between 80%-100% renewable power by 2030, 2040 or 2050, in addition to frontrunners in the operation of power systems with very high shares of renewable power (98%-100%).


The slides used during the online workshop can be accessed here.
The minutes of the online workshop can be accessed here.

Time Session Speaker/participant
16:00 16:05 Welcome address Paul Durrant
16:05 16:10 Introductory remarks Elena Ocenic
16:10 17:00 Presentation of examples from each country participating with interactive Q&A on decarbonisation and electrification of end-use sectors  All participants
17:00 17:40 Interactive discussion about 'social innovation' and regulatory sandboxes All participants
17:40 17:55 Discussion on future engagement All participants
17:55 18:00 Next steps Elena Ocenic