High-Level Roundtable 'SIDS Lighthouses Initiative 2.0' at the UN General Assembly

28 September 2018 |New York, USA

Since the launch of the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative (LHI), the renewable energy uptake in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) has been impressive. The strong political commitment of SIDS, and the remarkable cost reductions in technologies such as solar PV and onshore wind, coupled with the support of a wide range of partners, have made renewables an affordable solution for countries with limited financing and technical capabilities. The initial LHI targets for 2020 in terms of installed capacity (100 megawatts of solar PV, 20 megawatts of wind power) and mobilised funding (USD 500 million) have been met and exceeded three years ahead of schedule.

Building on the success of the LHI and following the consultative process undertaken with all LHI partners, this event will be instrumental in drawing together political leadership and launch a more ambitious phase of the Initiative, LHI 2.0, which aims to enable SIDS energy systems’ transformation, leverage investment support, strengthen climate resilience, and contribute to the attainment of the sustainable development goals in SIDS.

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