The Ninth Clean Energy Ministerial / Third Mission Innovation Ministerial (CEM9/MI-3)  were co-hosted by the European Union together with Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Nordic Council of Ministers. This year’s conference focused on the Energy Integration and Transition: towards a competitive and innovative low carbon economy. In its capacity as an operating agent of the CEM Corporate Sourcing of Renewables Campaign, IRENA organised a ministerial roundtable.

Gathering high-level representatives from governments and the private sector, another IRENA side-event event focused on enabling the tools and policy frameworks needed for unlocking the potential of corporate sourced renewables. The new REmade Index report, Corporate Sourcing of Renewable Energy: Market and Industry Trends was presented. Read more about this IRENA study in the press release

In addition, IRENA will co-organise a side event, Perspectives for Offshore Wind Energy. IRENA's latest report on Renewable Energy Benefits: Leveraging local capacity for offshore wind was launched around the event. The report examines how income and jobs can be maximised by leveraging existing economic activities and building upon domestic supply chains.

In addition, The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources of Canada, Kim Rudd, speaking on behalf of the Canadian Government, announced that Canada is set to become a Member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) after confirming its intention to begin the membership applications process. Read the press release

Visit the CEM9 website for more information.