Bioenergy for Sustainable Development - Thematic Meeting at Eighth IRENA Assembly

Key international organisations that promote the sustainable use of bioenergy presented their activities and discussed opportunities for collaboration going forward.  Participating organisations included IRENA, Global Bioenergy Partnership, IEA Bioenergy, ICRAF, World Agroforestry Center, Biofuture Platform, World Bioenergy Association, Alternative Renewable Transport Fuels Forum, Sustainable Development for All Bioenergy Accelerator and below50.

Particular interest was expressed in collaboration on public outreach to explain sustainable bioenergy potential, on understanding technologies for advanced liquid biofuels, and on effective bioenergy scale-up policies.

Meeting Summary 

Bioenergy for Sustainable Development, joint IRENA, IEA Bioenergy, FAO paper.

IRENA Work on Bioenergy for Sustainable Development: Accomplishments and Findings 2014-2017

Proposed IRENA work on bioenergy 2018-19