IRENA Addis Ababa Roundtable Mobilising Institutional Capital for Renewable Energy

With an objective to provide concrete and practical solutions to mobilise institutional investment, IRENA hosted a roundtable discussion on the margins of the Global Green Growth Week in Addis Ababa. The roundtable, together with experts on African institutional investor landscape, examined findings from IRENA’s work to date and discussed concrete and practical solutions for mobilising institutional capital for the global renewable energy markets in both developed and emerging economies. Discussion topics included the following questions:

  • What are the drivers of investments in renewable energy?
  • What has been the experience of African institutional investors in renewable energy projects?
  • Which institutional investors are already investing in renewable energy and how are they investing (financial instruments and vehicles)?
  • What are the challenges Institutional Investors face when considering investments in the renewable energy sector?
  • What can governments and public finance institutions do to address barriers for Institutional Investors?

Input and feedback from the participants will be aggregated and fed into analysis and recommendations of IRENA’s upcoming report, Mobilizing Institutional Capital for Renewable Energy (tentative title).