Scaling up Variable Renewable Power, IRENA event during the World Future Energy Summit, January 2017

During the second day of the World Future Energy Summit on 17 January in Abu Dhabi, UAE, IRENA organised an expert discussion focused on the global transition to power systems with high shares of variable renewable energy (VRE). The development and integration of VRE - namely wind and solar photovoltaics - in electricity grids and markets is a task that is still perceived as a challenge. However, a number of leading countries have demonstrated that a rapid scale up in the share of VRE can be achieved successfully, when accompanied by the implementation of appropriate long-term planning, market design, regulation, grid codes, and operational measures.

This event brought together IRENA experts working on each critical area of power sector transformation, to present key findings from recently published and forthcoming publications, as well as on-the-ground technical assistance projects. Over 30 distinguished guests - with backgrounds ranging from high-level planning to transmission system operation - attended the event, and discussed the policy implications of the panelists’ key findings, IRENA’s follow-up activities, and the future direction of IRENA’s power sector transformation work.

In addition to the above proceedings, the event marked the launch of IRENA’s most recent report on power sector transformation: Planning for the renewable future: Long-term modelling and tools to expand variable renewable power in emerging economies. The report guides energy planners and modelling practitioners through a number of modelling practices and the use of renewable data to better represent variable renewable power in long-term capacity expansion planning.


Available speaker presentations can be downloaded through the links below.

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Introductory remarks and moderation
Sakari Oksanen – Deputy Director-General, IRENA