ECOWAS Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Support Facility Steering Committee Meeting

17 August 2016 |Praia, Cabo Verde

The Steering Committee members of ECOWAS Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Support Facility met on 17 August 2016 in Praia, Cabo Verde to discuss the progress of the Facility and evaluate its impacts in supporting ECOWAS-based entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the meeting provided a platform for discussion on the ongoing and planned implementation plan of the programme, the status of funding and efforts to attract additional funding for the programme in order to ensure its continuation. Since its launch, the Facility has received additional generous funding from the Government of Luxembourg and has partnered with the Centre for Renewble Energy and Indurstial Maintenance (CERMI) based in Praia – Cabo Verde.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the following institutions:

  1. ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (2iE)
  2. Luxembourg Embassy in Cabo Verde
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cabo Verde
  4. Centre for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance (CERMI)
  5. The International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE)
  6. International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  7. Coseer SUARL Engineering & Consulting / Solar Entrepreneurs Association

Workshop Agenda