Renewable Energy Roadmap for The Republic of Maldives, Final Workshop

At the request of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, IRENA has developed a roadmap to assist in accelerating deployment of renewable energy in the Maldives. The roadmap is based on an extensive review of existing studies along with IRENA-developed quantitative analysis for some specific islands. The roadmap identifies the key barriers to renewable deployment in the Maldives and makes specific recommendations for overcoming these barriers. The overall objective of the roadmap is to assist the Maldives in identifying optimal pathways for deploying a high share of renewable energy.

The final workshop included a presentation of the key roadmap findings by IRENA and presentation by key stakeholders. This was followed by an open discussion that identified barriers and devised specific strategies to support the accelerated and widespread deployment of renewable energy in the Maldives. A report summarizing the roadmap findings and workshop outcomes is included in a link below along with links for the roadmap analysis background report and the presentations delivered during the workshop.



Workshop presentations

Session 1: Key Findings of the Roadmap

The Republic of Maldives Renewable Energy Roadmap Final Workshop, IRENA

The Republic of Maldives Renewable Energy Roadmap Final Workshop - Overview of Recommendations, IRENA 

Session 2: Policy and regulatory framework

Energy Policy Overview, Maldives Ministry of Environment and Energy

Legal and Regulatory Framework of the Energy Sector of the Maldives, Maldives Energy Authority

Session 3: Utility companies’ perspective

Expanding Renewable Energy Integration to STELCO Grid, STELCO

Renewable Energy Perspective by FENAKA Corporation Limited, FENAKA Corp. Ltd.

Session 4: Private sector’s perspective

Renewables in Island Resorts,CDE Consulting

Gili Lankanfushi and Sustainable Tourism, Gili Lankanfushi 

Solar Energy for Tropical Islands, SWIMSOL

Education for Low Emission Climate Resilient Development , GEF, SGP, Addu High School, Volunteers for Environment Social Harmony and Improvement, UNDP

Session 5: Development partners’ perspective

Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development (POISED), ADB 

Deep Seawater Cooling and Air Conditioning, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization