Renewable Energy Deployment in Cities

29 October 2015 |Singapore

IRENA hosts a roundtable on “Renewable Energy Deployment in Cities” during the 8th Singapore International Energy Week from 26-30 October 2015.

The IRENA Roundtable will provide a platform for sharing best practices in seven priority areas identified for renewable energy deployment in cities:

  • Integration of renewables in low-energy buildings;
  • Support for renewables for heating and cooling;
  • Creation of local power grids for renewables integration;
  • Support for electric mobility;
  • Assessment of local usage of cooking fuels and waste;
  • Integration of renewables into the cities’ sustainability agenda;
  • Creation of dedicated financing mechanisms for renewable energy projects in cities.

The relevance of renewable energy deployment for cities is particularly high for Asia, which features one of the highest levels of urbanisation and already hosts 23 out of the 36 megacities in the world. The Roundtable will feature a number of experts from international organisations at the national and local level. Read more.