First Africa Renewable Energy Training Week

Sound power system governance frameworks are the foundation for the development of a sustainable, reliable and affordable power system. The IRENA Regulatory Empowerment Project provides needs-based and targeted advisory services, including capacity building and stakeholder workshops. In this context, IRENA is implementing the first Africa Renewable Energy Training Week in cooperation with the Regional Electricity Regulatory Association of Southern Africa (RERA) and the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority of Tanzania (EWURA) in order to:

  • Allow power system decision makers to discuss the set of most relevant decisions to be made in the short- to medium-term to incentivise investment into renewable resources and to manage a reliable and affordable power system transition towards greater shares of renewable resources; and
  • Contribute to the implementation of enabling environments, which trigger an increasing level of efficient private investment into renewable resources.

The first Africa Renewable Energy Training Week brought together 35 senior decision makers from Southern, Eastern and Western Africa.

For more information, please contact Dennis Volk.