Forum on Quality Assurance Schemes for Solar Water Heating in Latin America and the Caribbean

29 – 30 June 2015 |San Jose, Costa Rica

This event, co-organised with the German Metrology Institute (PTB), the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) and the Electricity Institute of Costa Rica (ICE), supported the development and implementation of regional quality assurance frameworks for solar water heaters (SWH) in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, by sharing international experiences in this area. The Regional Forum:

  • Provided an opportunity to continue the regional experience exchange on quality infrastructure (QI) for SWH.
  • Unveiled alternative approaches to address the challenges to develop a quality infrastructure in the region for solar thermal technologies.
  • Facilitated the regional and international exchange of experiences through fostering existing communities of practice, networks and, in future, working groups on specific issues concerning regional QA frameworks for the LAC region.
  • Matched responsible governmental institutions for regulating SWH markets with the technical QI institutions and producers of SWH in the LAC region.

Below please find a summary report of the event, as well as all material presented during the Forum.

Group work

Irene Cañas, Vice Minister for Energy of Costa Rica

Francisco Boshell, IRENA Renewable Energy Technology Standards and Markets Analyst

Forum participants

Summary Report

Draft Agenda

Summary of Latin America country information on quality infrastructure for solar water heaters (Information is in Spanish)

Compilation of country information from LAC on quality infrastructure for solar water heaters (Information is in Spanish)

Censo de Energía Solar Térmica 2016: Mapa del sector en Argentina


Name of the presentation

Presenter Name

Introduction to the workshop

Imilce Zuta

About the Project “Quality Infrastructure for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in LAC”

Niklas Cramer

IRENA’s work on QI for Solar Water Heaters

Francisco Boshell

Status of OLADE’s projects in Solar Water Heaters

Erika García

Adopting international standards - Latest developments on ISO TC 180 set of international standards for SWH


Stephan Fischer

Using standards in policy frameworks

Les Nelson

COPANT’s regional work to harmonize regional standards for SWH

Douglas Messina

How to set up a test laboratory for SWH – options for affordable testing

Stephan Fischer

Link between test laboratories and certification bodies – US experience

Eileen Prado

Challenges in LAC countries for establishing and operating a test lab for SWH – Experience from Uruguay

Rodrigo Alonso

US Solar Rating & Certification Corporation Program and  Global Solar Certification

Eileen Prado

Regional certification programmes - Solar Key Mark Certification Program

Stephan Fischer

Challenges in LAC for establishing a labelling/certification scheme for SWH – Experience from Brazil

Douglas Messina

Experience with licensing for SWH installers

Les Nelson

Experience in using QA in support of national or regional policies for SWH

Eileen Prado

Experience in using QA in support of national policies for SWH – Experience from Chile

Carlos Cerda

Experience in using QA in support of national policies for SWH – Experience from Mexico

Ybo Pulido