IRENA’s Global Renewable Energy Roadmap (REMAP 2030)

14 November 2012 |Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Note: As of January 2014, REmap 2030 is now launched.

On 14 November, IRENA organised a workshop entitled “IRENA’s global Renewable Energy Roadmap (REMAP 2030)”, in IRENA Headquarters, Abu Dhabi. The workshop was the second in a series of REMAP workshops, the first being held on the 5th September in St. Julian’s, Malta. REMAP 2030 explores different pathways and action items required to achieve the aspirational target of doubling the share of renewables in the global energy mix as defined under the UN Secretary-General Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative. Furthermore, the roadmap examines how renewable energy and renewable-energy enabling technologies could support SE4ALL’s other objectives, of achieving universal access to modern energy services, and doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvements.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss IRENA’s progress in the development of the roadmap, and to present the process and systems by which IRENA will be engaging Member Countries and other stakeholders in the further development of the roadmap. The morning sessions included a short presentation of the draft roadmap, and the modelling assumptions and key parameters that determine the outcomes of the different pathways. Participants were invited to critique and discuss the significance of these key parameters in their region, and compare the roadmap results with national projections and plans for renewable energy deployment.

The afternoon sessions discussed the proposed process by which IRENA is intending to develop the roadmap in collaboration with Member Countries. Countries were invited to provide comments and suggestions, and share their experience with similar processes. The results of the session are used to revise the draft roadmap to be presented to the IRENA General Assembly in January 2013.

Discussion document


Introduction to IRENA global Renewable Energy Roadmap 2030
Dolf Gielen, IRENA

IRENA’s draft global Renewable Energy Roadmap 2030
Giorgio Simbolotti, ENEA

Developing REMAP 2030: Model assumptions and key parameters
Ruud Kempener, IRENA

Implementing REMAP 2030: From pathways to actions
Ruud Kempener, IRENA

Updating REMAP 2030: The role of country engagement
Ruud Kempener, IRENA