Videos and Webinar

IRENA Coalition for Action Webinar Series

The Coalition for action launched a new series of webinars focused on highly topical renewable energy trends to share IRENA and Coalition of Action members' perspectives and analyses.

The first webinar in this series took place in English on 23 November 2016. IRENA's Senior Analyst, Michael Taylor, presented on the increasing global competitiveness of renewables.

IRENA's Junior Professional Associate, Pablo Ralón, presented on the increasing global competitiveness of renewables.

More information about the webinar here.

Ciclo de seminarios en línea de la Coalición para la Acción de IRENA

El primer seminario en línea en español se llevó a cabo el 23 de Noviembre, 2016. Pablo Ralón (IRENA) presentó sobre la creciente competitividad de las energías renovables.

Además se contó con la participación de: Marcelo Álvarez, Presidente de la Cámara Argentina de Energías Renovables (presentación). Ramón Fiestas Hummler, Presidente del Comité Latinoamericano de Global Wind Energy Council, GWEC (presentación).

Mas información sobre los webinar aquí.

CNN's Isa Soares interviews IRENA's Michael Taylor

The full interview can be retrieved here

The true costs of renewables: towards 100% renewable energy

On 1 July 2014 IRENA joined REN Alliance partners to present a webinar on ‘Sustainable technology integration towards 100% renewable energy: Case studies’. The webinar explored the real costs of renewables and how 100% renewable energy supply is possible, supported by case studies that demonstrate how RE technologies are working together.

For more information on the webinar and REN Alliance partners please visit the International Solar Energy Society. For the IRENA presentation on costs please visit our slides page here.

IRENA Renewable Costing Alliance webinars

The IRENA Business Forum hosted three webinars on 28–30 May 2013 to engage the private sector and inform companies about the work of the Agency on costing and how to contribute to such activities. The webinars, timed for three different regions (Asia and Oceania; the Americas and the Caribbean; and Europe, the Middle East and Africa), included the following components: ‘Insights and the Agency’s perspective’ (Frank Wouters, IRENA); ‘High-level trends’ (Dolf Gielen, IRENA); ‘Approach of industry partners’ (regional partners); ‘In-depth look into IRENA’s costing analysis – Past, present and future’ (Michael Taylor, IRENA).

17 October, 2013 - Research meets practice: International cooperation for sustainable development

On 17 October, Michael Taylor (Senior Analyst, IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre, Bonn) participated in the GIZ event, ‘The uphill battle: New challenges for low-cost renewable energies’.

This event featured Michael Taylor (IRENA), who researches renewable energy costs and technology trends, and Dr Bernhard Bösl (Senior Advisor, Energy, GIZ), answering a series of questions by the moderator, including: 'Are renewables really a viable alternative for developing and emerging countries?’ And if so, ‘what is the role of the international community and German international cooperation – especially considering the German ‘Energiewende’ – in ensuring the sustainable development of the energy sector in other countries?’; and ‘What successful forms of collaboration exist between researchers and practitioners, and how can these be used to catalyse the deployment of renewables?’ Michael Taylor (IRENA) noted that 'The recent cost reductions for renewable energy technologies, particularly solar PV, have the potential to have a profound impact on developing countries’ economic development … IRENA’s analysis of 8 000 renewable energy projects around the world clearly shows that renewables are now THE economic solution off-grid, but also increasingly for grid supply'. 

Video courtesy of GIZ. For more information on GIZ's Research meets Practice events please visit them online.