Collaborative Framework on Ocean Energy/Offshore Renewables

Oceans are a source of abundant renewable energy potential, capable of driving a blue economy. Energy harnessed from oceans, through offshore renewables, can contribute to the decarbonisation of the power sector and other end user applications relevant for a blue economy (e.g. shipping, cooling, water desalination). Offshore renewables can also provide significant socio-economic opportunities to countries with coastal areas and island territories, such as jobs creation, improved livelihoods, local value chains and enhanced synergies between blue economy actors.

The Collaborative Framework on Ocean Energy/Offshore Renewables serves as an effective vehicle for dialogue, co-operation and coordinated action to accelerate the uptake of offshore renewables in benefit of the global renewable energy transformation. The technology scope includes:

  • Offshore and floating wind technology;
  • Wave, tidal, ocean thermal conversion and salinity gradient technologies; and
  • Floating PV.

The scope of the Collaborative Framework will be addressed in the form of workstreams aiming to:

  • Provide a global platform for enhanced international cooperation to accelerate the deployment of offshore renewables worldwide;
  • Create a community of country and industry experts, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices in supporting Offshore Renewables Markets;
  • Undertake analytical reviews of selected thematic in support to integrate offshore renewables in action agendas for the energy sector in global initiatives such as the G20 and the UNFCCC COP;
  • Foster enabling policy, regulatory, technology and financial frameworks for increased deployment of offshore renewables towards the transformative decarbonisation of societies.

In previous meetings, Members discussed on the priority areas of the Collaborative Framework which include: policy frameworks, innovation, ocean energy resource assessment and regional collaboration for offshore renewables deployment.

Members elected Tonga and Italy as co-facilitators.

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